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business consulting.

We help you in the creation of your business project or in the reorientation of your business, defining the core business or writing the business plan. We can also manage the location of your premises, find the ideal financing, create your brand and identify the collaborators that make the difference.

branding & graphic design.

We design the brand and corporate image of your business or redesign your brand to give it a new air. To do this, we identify its values, create new claims and review the corporate image. As a result, we create an adapted communication strategy and articulate the business story.

digital strategy.

We adapt your business to the new times of the digital field. You may need new distribution channels (e-commerce). For this reason we look for the most competitive technology partners, we define the communication strategy, we create content and we also administer Social Media, in addition to managing positioning on the Internet.

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We are a professional team with more than 20 years of experience in business creation, advice and design.

We are especially comfortable in the creation, reorientation and visualization strategy of commercial and hospitality companies

Project Manager

Ismael Balsells

Commercial Department

Jordi Falcón

Creative Department

Rafael Maireles

Business Department

Salvador Pifarré

Artistic and Digital Department

Marc Vidal

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